Specialising in personal, group and organisational effectiveness, The Effective People Group helps organisations succeed through their people.

We do this by drawing on our network of experts in human and group performance to work with you to:

  • Understand your current circumstances and future requirements

  • Clarify and communicate your goals

  • Build practical, positive pathways that allow you to achieve your goals

We are qualified and experienced in applying a range of leading HR, organisational and change management tools and approaches that help you:

  • Identify, measure and diagnose your current situation

  • Clarify your future requirements for achieving success

  • Deliver the development and conditions your organisation needs to thrive.

We work with you to find solutions that fit with your circumstances, drawing on principles that allow sustainable change in people and groups. We do this by approaching change at the level of beliefs, not just behaviours or outcomes. We further support this by ensuring we leave capability within your organisation so your leaders can develop these abilities and inspire change in others.  

Leading HR, Organisational and Change Management tools and approaches

We access leading tools and approaches developed, validated and applied by experts in human and group performance right around the world. We select our tools based on their validity, their effectiveness, and their accessibility.

When you work with us, you get an evidence-based approach and tools that are:

  • Based on rigorous research

  • Able to be applied in diverse settings

  • Simple to understand, communicate and implement.

You benefit from our commitment to finding solutions that are simple, but never simplistic. Some of the tools and approaches we recommend and use include:

  • Herrmann – Whole Brain Model and Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

  • Lominger – Leadership Architect and Team Architect

  • Prosci – Change Management Methodology

  • The Pacific Institute – Investment in Excellence, Youth Programs, Safety Programs, High-performing Teams

  • Human Synergistics – Suite of Products