At The Effective People Group, we believe that organisations with the best leaders, win. Give your team a competitive advantage by investing in their management and leadership capability.

Management and leadership development builds and strengthens the effectiveness of your leaders - watch their capability to lead high performing teams and deliver results accelerate.

Management and Leadership Programs

We design and deliver leadership development programs tailored for your organisation to create the right conditions and develop the right leadership skills in your managers and leaders to succeed.

Our management and leadership programs include:

  • Leadership Fundamentals

  • Executive Leadership

  • Leading Change in Organisations

  • Accelerated Supervisor Development Program

  • Early Career Success

  • Investment in Personal Excellence

  • Building Resilience and Managing Stress

  • Mindful Leadership Practices

  • Sales Development and Leadership

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Working with Diversity

Short leadership programs

We also offer short courses to maximise learning and development opportunities when your team has limited time and looking for some pragmatic, accessible tools and content that can be applied straight away.

Our short programs are stand-alone, half-day, intensive development training initiatives, targeting topics that can rapidly improve the performance of leaders, teams, and organisations. The content draws on leading models and approaches to provide your team with practical tools that they can apply straight away.

Our short leadership programs include:

  • Good Choices
    Role clarity, behavioural interviewing and candidate selection.

  • Strong Start
    Enabling people new to a company or new in a role to be more effective, faster.

  • Using your Whole Brain at Work
    An introduction to whole-brain thinking and how it can help you.

  • Dealing with Conflict at Work
    Effective methods for constructively resolving conflict in the workplace.

  • Managing Performance
    Handling the good, the bad and the average.

  • Attributes of High-performing Teams
    What high-performance looks like and how you can achieve it.

  • Moving Towards a Change-capable Organisation
    How to tap into our capacity to change at work.

  • Constructive Cultures at Work
    Help individuals and groups recognise the attitudes and beliefs that contribute to the culture of their group or organisation, and how to go about changing them.

  • Moving Forward
    Outplacement and how to help people see opportunity when change 'happens to’ them.

While each of the short programs stand alone, when taken together as a series, they address all phases of the employee lifecycle – from hiring and selecting, through key aspects of organisational life that help make individuals, teams and leaders more effective and finally, supporting those who need more assistance when they transition out of a role as circumstances change.