we help organisations develop effective solutions that create positive change in their people.


The effective people group is a human resources, change management, leadership and development consultancy.

We're here to help you, your team and your organisation achieve great things. With a unique mix of operational, consulting and project-based experience across a broad range of industries and contexts, we offer a flexible approach, tailored to your organisation.

Our human and group performance experts are qualified and experienced in applying leading tools and approaches to identify, measure and diagnose the needs of your organisation and its people. We then work with you to develop solutions that fit with your unique circumstances, drawing on well-established principles that allow change to happen and stick.


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Here’s how we can make your organisation more effective


Human Resources consulting

We help your organisation establish or enhance its HR support in a way that truly understands and integrates with your requirements.

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Change management

We deliver people-focused change management services, helping organisations communicate, implement and adapt to change.

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management and leadership development

We design and deliver development programs for individuals, leaders, and teams that focus on enhancing performance and achieving goals.

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Developing effective teams

We work with teams in a variety of settings to build collaboration and trust to create high-performing and effective teams.

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Executive coaching

We offer one-on-one development and executive coaching to support leaders to enhance their impact.

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corporate wellness

We develop and deliver programs that look after the mental and physical health of your employees.

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what makes us different?

We offer a tailor made approach.

a tailor-made approach

This means no templates, no re-badging and no shortcuts. Before we develop a solution for your organisation, we make sure we truly understand what makes you unique, ensuring you get an outcome that fits your organisation perfectly.

We’re simple but not simplistic.

Simple, but not simplistic

This means no jargon, no ‘consultant speak’, just real communication and actions based on solid principles, experience and research that we make easy to understand and implement. We focus on making the complex, simple.

What we add, we leave behind.

What we add, we leave behind

Knowledge transfer is a key part of our approach. We work to promote understanding, independence and accountability in the people and groups we work with, so they can benefit and help others do the same.