Almost all situations require us to work with, talk to, understand and interact with others to get things done. Understanding others, collaborating and working in teams is just as important as an individual’s abilities to be effective and achieve goals.

At The Effective People Group, we work with individuals and teams in a variety of settings to help them better understand themselves and each other. We use this understanding to improve their effectiveness, and, ultimately, to operate as a high-performing team.

To achieve high performance, honest and direct feedback is critical. We use world-leading 360 Feedback Tools and models to develop feedback cycles and other high-performance habits that we know support growth, development and performance in teams.

Team development programs

We offer targeted short programs that will help develop cohesive and high-performing teams:

  • Dealing with Conflict at Work
    Effective methods for constructively resolving conflict in the workplace and in teams.

  • Using your Whole Brain at Work
    An introduction to whole-brain thinking and how it can help you and your team.

  • Attributes of High-performing Teams
    What high-performance looks like and how you can achieve it.

  • Constructive Cultures and High Performance at Work
    Help individuals and groups recognise the attitudes and beliefs that contribute to the culture of their group or organisation, and how to go about changing them to drive performance.