Focussing on the wellness of employees doesn't just prepare and protect your people, it has enormous benefits to your organisation in terms of productivity, creativity and performance.

Dealing with the volatile, changeable and dynamic nature of today's business environment is a big ask without the right support.  Having resilient, positive, adaptable people makes all the difference, and our corporate wellness programs are targeted at exactly this. 

Our approach to corporate wellness focusses on building resilience and managing stress in complex times.  To achieve this we take a holistic approach to the wellbeing of you and your team by drawing on subject-matter experts to deliver 'short-burst seminars' or experiences in the following areas:

  • The benefits of movement and physical activity

  • Nutrition - healthy eating and the role of the gut-brain connection

  • The 'rest necessity' - good resting and sleeping habits

  • Social responsibility and connectedness - feeling good by doing good

  • Developing and strengthening inner practices of mindfulness, focus and self-regulation