We operate flexibly, with a number of different ways you can work with us that are geared around your needs. Please contact us to discuss the most appropriate solution for your circumstances and your organisation. The most commonly used options include:

1. Support and Advice As Required

This suits organisations that are looking for better results and improved performance in a specific activity, and see the performance of their people as a big part of achieving this. For these engagements we use rates based on an hourly fee, and you get the advice and support you need on a specific issue at the time you need it, with no further commitment at that point.

2. Discrete Initiatives, Projects or Programmes

This is a common method of engagement and works for clients that have specific initiatives, projects or programmes of work that are medium to long term or more complex. This approach works well as the fee structure can be agreed up front around a clear scope or set of outcomes.

3. Ongoing Support (through a retainer)

Some clients have chosen to retain the Effective People Group on an ongoing basis, where for a set fee you are provided with an agreed number of hours each month or quarter – to use in whatever way your organisation needs. This method works well if you need support with ongoing and systemic issues or are undertaking significant change. It is generally a longer-term arrangement and positions us well to assist you to develop and evolve comprehensive programmes and people strategies for your organisation.

However we are engaged, one of the features of the Effective People Group is that we always work very hard to ensure that what we add, we leave behind. That is, we are committed to leaving capability and greater self-sufficiency in the people and organisations we work with. It is a key part of our purpose and one of our measures of our own effectiveness.