The Effective People Group help you, your team and your organisation improve performance through straight-forward and positive actions that enable you to achieve the things you set out to achieve.

We access a network of experts in human and group performance that are qualified and experienced in applying a broad range of leading tools and approaches to identify, measure and diagnose what is contributing to your current situation.  We then work with you to reveal insights and develop solutions that fit with your circumstances, drawing on well-established principles that allow change to happen and make it stick.

Rob Whitechurch is the founder and director of the Effective People Group.  He has been working with individuals and organisations for more that 13 years to improve leadership capability, help implement broad process, system and behavioural change and transform cultures to enable greater organisational and personal success.

You can view Rob’s profile here and connect with him on LinkedIn to follow his activity and updates.

Rob is passionate about seeing people succeed and seeing organisations succeed through their people.

We work by a few key principles:

People and situations are unique and need to be treated that way.

This means no templates, no rebadging but also, no shortcuts.  We ensure we truly understand your situation so you can expect a solution that is based on your requirements.

Simple but not simplistic

This means no jargon, no consultant-speak, just real, grounded actions based on solid principles and research that we make easy to understand and rely on nothing more than belief and commitment to be effective.

What you add, you leave behind

Knowledge transfer is a key part of our approach, and is a central features of our purpose – to ensure that the people we work with act to inspire others. We work in a way that promotes understanding, independence and accountability in the people and groups we deal with, so they are able to benefit, and help others do the same.