Our associates at The Pacific Institute recently discussed Resiliency with their ‘Winners Circle Network’.  This is part 2 of the message and deals with affirmations as a way of creating a positive view of the future to move towards.
If you have experiences where affirmations have helped you or someone else move towards a more positive future, it would be great to hear about them – please ‘Add Comment’ here.
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Recently, we talked about “corporate disasters” and the resiliency required to pull through them. Today, let’s talk about the most important component in a successful recovery – affirmations.

As you may know, affirmations are simply present-tense statements of fact – about the future. Affirmations are usually most effective when they are personal, but you cannot beat an organizational affirmation that has total buy-in from everyone. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” so to speak. It becomes the organization’s “vision” for tomorrow, and leads you through to success.

For yourself personally, you must believe that your contribution to the organization is valuable. “I am valued by leadership for my talents and expertise.” “I am comfortable expressing my thoughts in meetings, because I know what I have to say is valuable.” As a group, when faced with a challenge, you might affirm, “No matter what gets thrown at us, we hit it out of the park.”

The important thing is to have your mind firmly fixed on the future, the future without the current challenge. Remember, your subconscious mind moves you toward the most dominant picture. If all you are thinking about is the current “disaster,” then you won’t be able to move forward. Keep affirming daily the way you want the future to be, paint it vividly in your mind, and keep your personal self-talk and your group self-talk aimed at a positive future.


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